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Swachh Kamakhya-Clean & Green Technology

  • Detailed Project Report Swachh Kamakhya-Clean & Green Technology


    The earth is facing serious threats from air pollution. Due to global warming and depletion of the life-saving Ozone Layer of the atmosphere, people are being exposed to more harmful UV rays that have already increased the occurrence of cancer among people. In the long run, it can also make people get lung cancer, skin cancer etc. One of the major causes of air pollution is the emissions from motor vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

    A major step towards minimising the emission of harmful contaminants may be replacement of fossil powered vehicles by E-Vehicles.

    Clean & Green Technology.

    The Kamakhya Temple nestles at an altitude of 800 feet from sea level atop the picturesque Nilachal Hills overlooking the mighty Brahmaputra at the western periphery of Guwahati. It is a cherished pilgrimage destination of the Hindus. Four day long Ambubashi Mela is celebrated at Kamakhya Temple during June-July every year when lakhs of pilgrims and common people throng this sacred place. Besides, thousands of people visit this temple every day since morning till evening. In addition to the visitors, this is home to several thousand permanent priests and their families who have been living here for ages.

    Assam State Transport Corporation is currently operating a fleet of 8 buses between Church Field and Kamakhya Temple since morning till evening. All these buses are Diesel operated buses.

    In order to ensure environmental protection and to pave the way for sustainable future of the Kamakhya Temple and its surrounding it is proposed to replace these buses by environment friendly E-Buses which is a modern innovation and is a priority of all the Governments throughout the globe.


    Unprecedented increase in number of visitors to Kamakhya has been witnessed during the last few years. As per statistics provided by the management of Maa Kamakhya Devi Debuttar Board, as many as 12 lakh pilgrims and tourists visited Kamakhya in 2015 during Ambubashi Mela only. This figure rose to 15 lakh in 2016 and 20 lakh in 2017

    SWACHH KAMAKHYA-Vision 2027

    Keeping in view the projected number of visitors to Kamakhya in next 10 years, a decade long programme for increasing the number of E-Buses to give public transport connectivity to Kamakhya is worked out so that with the increasing number of visitors, the fleet of E-Buses is also augmented proportionately, to some extent.

    Programme of procuring E-Buses in Phases

    The fleet of E-Buses is proposed to be procured on 6 phases of 2 years each, thereby increasing the fleet strength to 100 buses by 2027.


    It is proposed to connect all the Important disembarking points of Guwahati to Kamakhya with sufficient number of E-Buses increasing gradually every two years. By the end of 2027, it is proposed to operate E-Buses to Kamakhya from LGBI Airport, ISBT-Betkuchi, Khanapara-Mini ISBT, Narangi, Jalukbari and Kamakhya Railway Station etc.

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    Swachh Kamakhya-Clean & Green Technology
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